AI J. Febre PA-C

AI J. Febre PA-C
AI J. Febre PA-C

Al Febre, is a Physician Assistant nationally certified with American Association of Physician Assistants with 5 years experience in Gastroenterology. He is Affiliated with St Cloud Hospital, Florida Hospital, Osceola Regional Hospital. He received his BS at Andrews University in Michigan in Clinical Lab Science. He completed his Physician Assistant training at Nova University. Als patient care philosophy is to partner with patients and their families in the treatment and prevention of disease.


  • Center for Digestive & Liver Disease Kissimmee,, FL, (2010-Present)
  • Physician Assistant currently working in the field of gastroenterology for the past two years
  • Initiate treatment and administar medications, as appropriate for inpatient and outpatient settings
  • Performs routine hospital rounds. dictation of H&P and discharge summary
  • Coordinates community resources for patient Support groups
  • Specializes in evaluating and treating heartburn and acid refi Jx, GERD, colon and stomach cancer screening, Barrette esophagus, gaetropareeie, esophageal motility, hepatitis, autoimmune liver disease, inflammatory bowel disease, irritable bowel disease, celiac disease, pancreatitis, and cirrhosis
  • Reviewed capsule endoscopy for diagnosis of IBD, acute GI inleed, and malabsorption diseases


  • Florida Hospital - Orlando, FL, (1998 to 2010)
  • Clinical laboratory scientist with 10 years experience in medical laboratory testing and ancillary services
  • Analyzed blood smears in the detection of hematological pathologies
  • Assisted pathologist in the collection and analysis of bone marrow samples to diagnosis leukemias
  • Performed CBC, CMP, liver function tests, thyroid function tests, coagulation profiles, and serological testing
  • Performed quality control measures for confirming the accurccy of met insults and reporting laboratory to pathologists and primary care physicians


  • ANDREWS UNIVERSITY BERRIEN SPRINGS, MICHIGAN - BS Degree Clinical laboratory Science, 8/98
  • NOVA SOUTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY - ORLANDO, Fl - M.M.S degree, Physician Assistant, 8/09
  • My doctor saved me from a major colon surgery. His superior medical care and dedication made the difference and I got better with his medication and beat the infection. Thank you Dr Mohiuddin.
  • He is a very nice doctor , very professional and caring. He has good demeanor. I highly recommend him.
  • I love my Doctor at GNS. He saved my live by finding a tumor that could have taken my life. I owe you one doctor!!
We are affiliated with the following hospitals:
  • Florida Hospital
  • Osceola Regional Medical Center
  • St Cloud Regional Medical Center
  • Orlando Health

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